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CORE WORK PILATES,  is located at the NTA Sports Center at 260 Denton Tap Rd, Ste. 150, Coppell, TX. We are a fully equiped Pilates studio with the ability to accomodate single, duet private Pilates Equipment Training.  Core Work Pilates is conveniently located to serve Coppell, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Valley Ranch, Irving, and Grapevine though we have clients coming from as far as Richardson and Dallas.  We have been in Coppell for 11+ years.

Our trainers are certified and experienced in Pilates, and well established in the fitness field. We are drawn together with one goal in mind - to provide an educating and successful experience with you when you under our guidance.

"The mind itself builds the body," Joseph Pilates once said. Any successful athlete would agree. In sports, "the zone" describes this mind-body connection. By emphasizing complete concentration, proper breathing, and correct spinal and pelvic alignment, Pilates trains you to integrate mind and body in every session and in everything you do.

The benefits of Pilates are many. Regular practice will develope a strong core, thus flattening and firming the abdominal area, help build strength and lean muscles without bulking, heightens body awareness and coordination, promotes flexibility and agility, and teaches good posture and graceful movement.

Celebrities Madonna, Julia Roberts, and Sharon Stone have done Pilates. So have golfers Tiger Woods and Annika Sorrenstam, basketball star Jason Kidd, equestrian Reining World Champion Cathy Woosley Luse (who has trained with CoreWork Pilates owner, Debbee Sharpe), and many more of the top names in sports. So what is all the buzz about?

The Pilates method of body conditioning is a unique blend of balancing, strengthening and stretching to put it quite simply. It is through the program developed by Joseph Pilates that we learn how to reach the most instrinsic muscles in our body and how to effectively and efficiently use less energy to produce more work. Regardless of your focus whether it is a stronger upper body or thinner thighs, your Pilates teacher knows that for the program to succeed it must create a balanced use of the body using muscles in a more syncronized and natural way. The fundamentals of Pilates will be translated in to your everyday life regardless of what you do. Whether an athlete or bench warmer, limber or inflexible, and regardless of your age, the practice of Pilates will change the way you think and move. This will translate to how you carry and present yourself to the world. the trainers at CoreWork Pilates are very confident that this change is not only positive but life altering. Our passion in training comes from our desire to help you experience the life changing process that we have gone through ourselves with Pilates. We want to prove to you that Pilates is so much more than just exercise.

Pilates has been used very successfully not only for fitness enthusiasts and athletes but is very effective for those recovering from injuries. The body will compensate in other areas to protect an injured area. The results are often muscle imbalances and improper skeletal alignment that over time create other problems and other pain. Pilates can often help because the work is to focus on proper, correct, balanced alignment and proper muscle integration while changing remapping the brain. Pilates is highly recommended for those suffering many type of chronic pain and is the number one type of movement therapy recommended for those suffering from fibromyalgia.

Pilates is a journey. A never-ending journey of discovery that will continue to bring benefits to your body and mind. At CoreWork Pilates we believe in the journey.