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Pilates based training for a functional core, better posture, and a stronger and balanced seat.  People are talking about Mat to Saddle Method Clinics.....

Debb--what an amazing resource this is for any rider who deeply cares for his/her horse as well as mastering own abilities. This is your calling--and you are absolutely stellar at what you do..anyone who takes your course or classes at the studio will be mesmerized by your magic!!
EVERY person leaves your program walking taller, feeling different and inspired. You have all my support in the world and I'm so thrilled that Pilates has turned out to be such a vehicle for your message. Miakoda and Dakarai are very lucky horses to have a mom who figured it out--now the rest of the equine world can benefit.
---Linda Shelton

Great clinic yesterday at Starfire, Debbee - the combination of mat work and riding was profound! I love the way you and Jerilyn Caldwell worked together, breaking it down for us in small pieces on the mat to build our cores and identifying what we're doing when we're riding to help us be more balanced and get out of our horse's way. Amazed at how important tiny adjustments are!
I left knowing what I need to work on with Pilates and a heightened awareness of my core when I am riding. Oh my, I have A LOT of work ahead of me!!!! But it's nice to have some very practical tools to move forward with. Looking forward to more clinics!                                                       
---Elizabeth Wendall Weathersby

I can't even begin to describe what your clinic meant to me.  I felt more connected to my horse than I ever had.  I learned so much and I'm really excited about the chance to take another clinic with you in the spring.  I highly recommend anyone serious about their connection with their horse to take your clinic.  You're the best!
---Kimberly Wagner

I have been wanting to get to Debbee's clinic for a long time and am so excited that I finally got to participate!   The synergistic affect of our core fitness combined with our horsemanship is so exciting and important to me!!  The facilities and atmosphere was so relaxing and peaceful for both me and my horse.  It enabled me to just think about what we were doing in class!I learned so much and became aware of so much!  The most important things I took away were first the knowledge of what exactly my core is made up of, how to activate it, and how it affects my horse -- secondly that the effective, engagement of the core IS collection in both myself and my horse.  I must have collection and recognize collection in myself before looking for it in my horse.  This clinic puts me on a path to become the strong, consistent, mindful rider that my horse needs me to be. I only wish there was a way to do it weekly!!!!  I am looking forward to another one and having Debbee come to Starfire!
---Jenny DeSandro

I came to the Mat to Saddle clinic with hope and a rather large dose of fear.  Fear in the fact that I am 53 yrs old with a bad back that limits me  physically, especially with horse related activities and that my ability to continue this may soon be over.. Hope, that through the learning and application of Pilates my back would become more stable and the rest of my body would be strengthened and help support my back, without causing further damage, in hopes of continuing a long life doing what I love,  Playing with my horses!I was inspired at first to learn that Debbee is 62 yrs old and is active and fit.  You would never know she is this age by looking at her. She then shared with the group her experience with back problems when she was younger and the treatment prescribed, which was rather extensive surgery.  She stated she declined all of it and went about finding a new path to  "heal" herself.   Fast forward to the healthy, vibrant person she is today.  THAT GAVE ME HOPE!!!!! Her teaching style guides you to think of the connection between each exercise to the other and the effect each has on your body, not just to move from each exercise and perform them mindlessly.   The class is geared to every level of fitness, sedentary to athletic.  The clinic was informative, educational and a lot of fun.  I plan to continue the lessons learned to become the rider my horse wants me to be with as little of pain as possible. 
Thank you Debbee, you are truly an inspiration.
---Mary McBride