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People are talking about The Pilates Body Loft / CORE WORK PILATES

Debbee's extensive experience and exceptional level of professionalism have given me much needed confidence and hope as I continue to recover from a severe back injury.  She has an uncanny ability to change "I can't"  to "Yes, I can!"                                                                           ---Charlotte S.

Absolutely LOVING pilates classes being taught by Debbee Sharpe. I am finding that so many aches and pains that I have had are my own compensation patterns from imbalances! Then add that with using my body for a living has set me up for some real chronic problems. There has been a place in my mid-back that has bothered me for many years, to the point where I can't sleep at night after a long day. ...
When I lay down, I could not turn over without waking up and wincing all the way through my turn over. I have tried everything to get rid of this pain. Everything short of surgery. That pain is completely gone! I mean completely! And now it is totally making sense to me as to why I
had this pain and why it never went away. It was a subtle thing I was doing when I work. I used to think that I knew what my core was and how to use it, but I am learning so much more about it, and how to strengthen the weaker places of it, and how to stay aware that I am using myself correctly while I work, sit, drive, etc. The trick is to find someone who is really good, someone who is dedicated and focused on their own growth. And I found that with Debbee! I can not recommend her enough. And of course I see so many parallels in craniosacral and
the horses and their bodies.
---Shea Stewart

I have been practicing "some" on the beam but I have actually found your real-life examples even more handy.  Like.....sitting in the car and making sure I'm slightly pushing on the wheel (psoas contracted), standing in line at the grocery store balancing myself and watching everyone else fidget (tee hee)....and ....practicing my posture while riding bareback in the pond (the falls off the horse don't hurt that way).  I have to say that 'hands-down' what YOU have taught me has made a HUGE difference in how I feel.  I am actually sore trying to retrain all my shoulder muscles but that is GREAT!  I have struggled my whole life (since pre-teen) with scoliosis and sway back ....now, at 40+ years old the extra pounds have just compounded that.  YOU have given me so much hope back that I can ride balanced and have fun!!!!  Thank you, thank you!!!                    ---Mickey Carpenter